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Pirates of the Burley Griffin

A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.

5 August
A science fiction fan, originally from Western Australia, now based in Canberra with a definite bias towards anime. I may talk about how that happened one day.

Professionally, a business analyst who finds out what users want (and if I'm in form what they NEED), and then tells programmers to make it happen. I try to avoid technical details like the plague and the best way to get my eyes to glaze over is to show me a page of code. :)

Personally, I've always been something of a lardarse who resisted exercise until I bought the Arcadia, a Greenspeed GT5 recumbent trike. Somehow, if I'm enjoying it, it doesn't seem to register with my subconscious AS exercise.

And the trike is pure FUN. So I keep riding it, and WANTING to ride it.

Enough so for me to want to do some long distance touring badly enough to go to the gym and keep up with the schedule.

And I don't want tours to go unrecorded so that I forget stuff, hence the journal.