arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Life. It happens somewhere outside the internerd.

I'm having a problem or two with my broadband so spent the weekend watching Card Captor Sakura again. 

This morning at the gym I ended up benchpressing a (for me) obscenely large weight - more than the trike would weigh fully loaded for touring. 

The knee is settling down, enough for me to start taping it on alternate days rather than every day. And the physio wants me to ramp up the distance on the trike. What a shame. NOT! :)

Right now? I'd rather be eating a mixed berries muffin, but the banana muffin is nice too. And being a day ending in "y" it must be time for a cup of tea in my Late Night On Call IT Support mug.

Other than that, not much happening.

Tags: anime, cycling, fitness

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