arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Bump. Bump. Thats odd...

I had an excellent ride with a friend yesterday that included Red Hill (featuring a nasty climb followed, naturally, by 30000 Pounds of Bananas style descent) but it seemed like I was struggling in places and the road seemed bumpier than normal.

On returning home (after a brief detour via Koko Blacks. Mmmmmmmmm), the cause proved to be a bulge in the tyre large enough for it to be scraping against the mudguard. I changed it this morning and the ride is much better now. :)

In other news the problems with the knee are lingering but taping it seems to be helping (one nasty twinge yesterday though as I was locking up the trike across the road from Koko Blacks).

Tags: cycling, fitness, friends, trikes

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