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Amusing, ironic, and potentially dangerous

My primary lighting system is a Busch and Muller dynamo. Now, the normal issue with a dynamo is that you lose your lights when you stop moving. The B & M compensates for this by giving you two lights for the price of one - a halogen fed by the dynamo and a LED fed by a capacitor (in turn charged by the dynamo) that remains lit (if less brightly) when you stop moving.

Well four lights actually - the dynamo feeds front and back. Oh, and the rear light also meets the legal requirements for a rear red reflector. All in all a nice piece of kit.

Guess which bulb has blown at the front? I now light up when I stop and switch off when I start moving... 

EDIT: Fixed. I had a somewhat damaged spare front light that I salvaged the globe from...
Tags: trikes

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