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Its going to be one of those days...

First up a visit from the puncture pixies in the form of an arrowhead shaped piece of glass about 7mm at the base. In the rear tyre of course. Fortunately I managed to avoid the use of loud profanities in a public place while changing it (although honesty compels me to admit it was close).

Second was the incident that left me with tyre marks on my left arm.

OK, a bit of description to set the scene. Heading south on the Commonwealth Ave Bridge the exit can get ... complicated. You can basically do one of four things:

a) Go straight but veer right off the path back on to the on-road cycle lane (where I was heading).
b) Continue straight down the foot path (not very useful, leads to some awkward spots)
c) Turn left down the steep, and sharply curved ramp (more useful, leads down to Lake Burley Griffin)
d) Turn sharp left and go down the stairs (OK, really only useful for pedestrians and silly peoplejoggers)

So, I was about to exercise option a) when I realise that a cyclist on a mountain bike is struggling through the reverse of c) and has her head so far down that she can't possibly see more than a meter beyond her front wheel.

Uh-oh. Well, actually yelling out "Whoa, whoa" whilst braking and veering to the right (a mistake, more on that in a second). I did mention that she was on a mountain bike? With the traditional knobbly tyres?

She did try to brake but to no avail so I'm left with some interesting bruises developing on my left arm and some scrapes and scratches on the fairing. Veering to the right to dodge was instinctive but did run me into the wall that separates the path from the road. 


Its going to be one of those days...
Tags: cycling, trikes

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