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The Lion King? Really? And then he said what?

Although I've never seen the film, I have seen the stage musical of The Lion King. And wasn't overly impressed.

To say that I was surprised to see it listed as one of "The Canon: 50 Essential Film Musicals" in The Rough Guide To the Film Musical by David Parkinson is something of an understatement. So I skipped ahead to that review and got even more surprised by some of the content. Quote and comments beneath the cut...

"Indeed, with its firm emphasis on patriarchy this is an exceedingly conservative film. It presumes that citizens are better off with their traditional rulers - to the point of championing primogeniture over democracy and meritocracy - and urges them to accept the decisions made on their behalf by their sapient and benevolent leaders. The Lion King was the first neo-conservative musical , and it would have made Uncle Walt proud."

Maybe this theme is more evident in the film, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention when I saw the on-stage version. 

Interestingly several other controversies are mentioned in Parkinson's review but not the one that caused robinpen's review for Eidolon to be more entertaining than the film could ever be (for me at least). 

I also have to wonder what angriest's executive bunnies would make of how the film was pitched:
"This film was pitched to screenwriter Irene Mecchi as "Bambi in Africa meets Hamlet"."
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