arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Pre-emptive Rant


angriest collected votes for the Top 50 SF Shows and is now publishing the list in blocks of five (most recent list here) with commentary.

I've been enjoying the list and the commentary but the one show I'm dreading is...

Neon Genesis Evangelion.


I hope it doesn't but I'm betting it will. 

Look this is a series where the characters are:

a) Morally reprehensible
b) Insane
c) Morally reprensible and insane
d) The occasional sympathetic character who is having morally reprehensible things done to him/her, and for whom you rapidly cease to be sympathetic.

A series where you will not only utter the Eight Deadly Words but go well past that point to hoping that they all die horrible and grisly deaths. 

Fortunately, most of them do. 

Oh well, with any luck someone will ask which version of Evangelion they should watch and I'll get a chance to steal seawasp's classic response: RahXephon. Or, if the mood takes me, Gasaraki.

OK, I feel better now. :)

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