arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Loot! And Owww!

I've recently acquired a number of accessories for the trike that have been making my life better.

1. The Trailer. I reviewed this earlier but it just makes grocery shopping so easy. The next time I need to buy laundry powder I'm tempted to buy a 5 or even a 10Kg box simply because I'll be able to carry it. :)

2. I've also acquired a pair of Arkel RT-60 panniers. The best word to describe these things is cavernous. The main reason I acquired them was to be able to take everything I needed to go to the gym and work with only one pannier on the trike. Turns out they're large enough to take all that and a second towel plus my long black coat. Yay!

The secondary reason is that I'm thinking of doing some unsupported touring later this year and wanted to have enough carrying capacity for luggage etc. I may do a full review of these later.

3. Finally I've just had some older panniers from the long abandoned wedgie refitted with Arkel hooks. This gives me a lot of flexibility in carrying options so its all good.

4. (EDIT) The fairing is really useful when it rains, although only being wet from the chest up looks odd when you walk inside...

In other news the cardio session at the gym may have been higher impact than was wise. My right knee is very unhappy with me just at the minute - I think I'll switch from the treadmill for warmups for a couple of weeks, and ask the trainers to focus on upper body for a bit.
Tags: fitness, reviews, trikes

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