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Notes on a plane

Obviously these were written offline and have been posted after the fact..

1. I've just finished the 1st season of The West Wing (lent to me by a friend at work). No doubt angriest, among others, will mock me for not having seen this excellent show before. :) I can now see why this show ran for 8(?) seasons - it isn't often (in my experience at least) that you see a first season that is so mature, so polished.

2. Qantas Club.

3. Exit Row. On the aisle. With an empty seat next to me so I can dump my dinner tray on the middle tray and use my own as a desk

4. Two batteries in my laptop. I expect to be watching anime all the way to Perth.

5. I'm on my way to Perth.
6. Conclusion: Life is good.

PS: My wireless broadband is working just fine which is useful.
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