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Musical Quiz - The Remaining Answers

Here are the remaining answers:

2. But I was, as many young barristers are,
               An impecunious party.

This was the Judge introducing himself in Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial By Jury

3. Isn't it nice to know a lot!
    And a little bit not...

Red Riding Hood, I Know Things Now, from Sondheim's Into The Woods (and there are certain people out there on my friends list who I'd expected would see this and immediately get it. You know who you are... :) )

5. We just log on and dreams appear

The Ga Ga Kids (ensemble basically), Radio Ga-Ga from Elton's superb We Will Rock You. (This one was hard because several of Queen's lyrics, especially Radio Ga-Ga, were rewritten to fit the story).

I may put another quiz together this weekend but then again I might not.

Tags: musicals

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