arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Hangar Queen!

Rode to Rivett and Fuse Recumbents this morning for the Arcadia's 10,000K service. Mike then very kindly drove me to work.

In some respects this is more of a refit than a service- the chain, rear cassette, and right front wheel are all being replaced. Plus a bunch of other niggly bits that have started to mount up since the NZ tour.

As for why I'm replacing the wheel? Well that dates back to here and here.

Can't wait to get her back. The ride should be sweeeeet once its all been done. :)

EDIT: One of the niggly bits has proved to be symptom. The cause was a developing crack in the frame at the hinge point... that would a replacement cruciform section of the frame on the way. 

The ride is better but much noisier at the moment although that should be fixed when the chain is replaced.

EDIT2: The new chain has arrived and been fitted. You could see the difference in the way it sat on the chainrings. No more gaps! Looking forward to the ride home, I may just have to go early and take a detour...
Tags: cycling, trikes

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