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NCO this Sunday!

I'll try to get to this*. Details beneath the cut courtesy of a friend who will be playing on Sunday.


The National Capital Orchestra

Philip Hartstein - Sally Walker


Brahms Academic Festival Overture 

Khachaturian Flute Concerto

Rachmaninov Isle of the Dead 


Canberra Girls Grammar School Hall

Melbourne Ave, Deakin


Sunday July 22, 2pm


Students Children $10 / Concession $15 / Adults $20

Tickets available at the door


To quote the aforementioned friend (a violinist as it happens...): 
"This is a concert of rich flowing melodies that Brahms and Rachmaninov do so well, with a Russian turn by Khachaturian. The Khachaturian is actually the Violin Concerto arranged for flute ... I think they get the better of the deal in terms of playability, but perhaps I'm biased."

 Looking forward to this.

*Because I'm going ballooning on Sunday morning (at stupid oclock) I'm not sure if I'll get there. But I'll try!
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