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Car Free Challenge

WizWheelz and 'BentRider Online have just completed judging their annual "Car Free Challenge" essay competition. 

I didn't enter because it kinda felt like cheating. I mean, where's the challenge if you've been living car free for a couple of years now? :)

The winning essay by Sheryl Davies (One Very Small Mom and  Two Kids: Car Free) is the current lead item on 'BentRider Online and I highly recommend it. 

My two favourite quotes:

"• Yes, legs do get tired even if it looks like I am riding a laz-y-boy. And despite how it feels, legs don’t fall off.
• There is always a headwind, no matter which direction you are going, and you could build a sail boat with a Burley"

(Aside: The Burley is the trailer in which the 3 and 5 year old kids were riding in). 

Congratulations to Sheryl and I hope she enjoys her new trike!

Tags: cycling, trikes

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