arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Yes, I'm a hoon. And your point is WHAT exactly? :)

Went for a ride around the western end of Lake Burley Griffin with a friend this morning. When we came back across Commonwealth Ave we came to the spot where, occasionally, I've been known to jump the trike. As I believe I've previously mentioned here and here.

Friend in question is more than happy to borrow my camera to see if he can catch the moment.

Which he almost did*. As you can see from the new userpic the rear wheel hasn't quite lifted yet. The full photo is beneath the cut along with a pretty shot of a rainbow on (in?) the Captain Cook Waterjet.

These are still fairly small, clicking on them should link to the larger versions in the gallery.

EDIT: So far most of my userpics were taken by friends with my camera. I'm kinda liking that. A lot. :)
Tags: cycling, friends, photography

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