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The Spirit of Wonder

Another anime on LD review beneath the cut...

You just gotta love truth in advertising. Spirit of Wonder is one of the most accurately named animes I've ever seen. 

Its all about the romance, the sensawunda, the big crazy SCIENCE!!! of Wellsian, Vernian scientifiction.

The sort of, well, steampunk set up (minus the punk :) ) that could have been so clunky, so awkward, that it would have been painful to watch. 

But the creators of this piece (starting with the manga creator Tsuruta Kenji) were having so much fun that even the dodgy bits like the lech of a mad scientist raise a smile. 

As for the the hokey romance, well, its just sweet and a breath of fresh air at the end of a working week.

All this and its only 40 minutes long. Gotta love it. 

I believe that a couple more Spirit of Wonder OAVs were made around 2002, about 10 years after this one but I haven't seen them and I don't know if the newer episodes have any episodes in common. I might have to go looking for them.
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