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Life is Good!

In January my LD/DVD player had to go in for servicing (the player had eaten a Full Metal Alchemist disc and wouldn't give it back) and I only got it back this week.

I'm getting over the cold/flu I've been suffering from. If the weather is good I'll go for a ride this weekend. No idea where or for how long. Just a ride. For fun.

My wireless broadband has been working fine. In fact I'm sitting here in the loungeroom listening to the Bangles 2004 album on the LD player whilst I'm typing
(...a cheshire cat in yellow beetle boots...).

So, sometime soon I'm going to go back to rewatching and reviewing some of the older (and rarer) anime that I have on LD. Stay tuned for my very 1st poll. :)

Life is good.

Tags: anime, cycling, musings

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