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Ooooh! Shiny!

Two of my favourite words as anyone who knows me realises. :D

In this context I'm referring to the Bicycling Australia show which I visited in Melbourne on Sunday in preference to doing the "Round the Bay in a Day" event. 

In particular, Greenspeed, Trisled, and Flying Furniture were exhibiting, and they had demo trikes on the test track. My comments are beneath the cut...

HP Velotechnik Scorpion

An aluminium trike with rear suspension. The short and flat test track didn't really give me a feel for how well the suspension would work but the ride was very smooth. The seat was comfortable if a bit higher off the ground than I'm used to, which might be a concern given how aggressively I tend to corner. All in all a lovely bit of kit and one I might have to look at more closely in future.

Trisled Gizmo

An Australian built trike that is uncompromisingly built for speed. It has a fun ride but wasn't for me as I found the cockpit to be overly narrow (wheels bumping into knees). Trisled offer a wider tracked version but I wasn't able to test that due to restrictions on the number of bikes each exhibitor could put on the test track.

Greenspeed X5

Essentially a racing version of my GT5. I've ridden one of these before and was uncomfortable with the more reclined seat angle but I think that may be changing. On the short rides I had (didn't want to be too greedy with the shiny toys after all), I was fairly comfortable and the handling was good.

Maybe I should give the Catrike Speed another try...

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