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Isn't THAT interesting?

It seems that Bicycle Victoria have changed their minds re the entry conditions for Around the Bay in a Day.

The new conditions read as follows:

17. Only standard human-powered bicycles are permitted on the 250km, 210km and 100km Ride options.  Unicycles, scooters, motorised and power-assisted bicycles, child seats, tagalongs, trailers and animals are not permitted on the 250km, 210km and 100km Ride Options.

18. Only standard human-powered bicycles including unicycles are permitted on the 50km Ride Option. Scooters, motorised and power-assisted bicycles, child seats, tagalongs, trailers and animals are not permitted on the 50km Ride Option.

No mention of recumbents being banned. 

5:00PM EDIT: Bicycle Victoria have responded to the email I sent them (see this post for details). The response is beneath the cut and I am satisfied that a good result has been achieved for all parties.

Dear John,


Thank you for taking the time to express your concern regarding our decision to preclude recumbents from participating in the 100km, 210km and 250km ride options for this year's Portfolio Partners Around the Bay in a Day - Get Sponsored for The Smith Family.


Our initial decision followed from an extensive risk management process, which we undertook following last year's event. Until we are in a position to implement full road closures along the route, we need to consider all possible risks to our Riders and, where appropriate, implement mitigation strategies.


Since publishing the new Terms & Conditions of Entry, we have received a number of requests to re-consider our decision regarding recumbents.After several lengthy conversations, and having considered the strong arguments put forward by riders such as yourself, we have decided to amend the Terms & Conditions so that recumbents will now be permitted to participate in all ride options on 21 October.


As mentioned above, we do appreciate your feedback. By maintaining a spirit of responsiveness, open-ness and consultation, we believe that we can all work together to deliver one of the world's best cycling events, and we look forward to your participation this year.


Best regards,


Kate Patterson
Ride Director - Around the Bay in a Day

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