arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

What the...?

It appears that Bicycle Victoria have banned recumbents, but not hand-powered bicycles from the longer rides in the  "Around the Bay in a Day" event in October. 

I''ve lodged the following with Bicycle Victoria (under the cut)


Dear Sir/Madam,

The 'Bent Rider Online website has noted the following conditions excluding recumbents from the Around the Bay in a Day event:

QUOTE: 17. Only standard, two-wheeled, human-powered bicycles are permitted on the 250km, 210km and 100km Ride options. Unicycles, recumbents, scooters, motorised and power-assisted bicycles, child seats, tagalongs, trailers and animals are not permitted on the 250km, 210km and 100km Ride Options.


Whilst I acknowledge that recumbents are generally banned from UCI events due to being faster than standard bikes, this event is not a race and I am not aware of any justifiable reason for this exclusion.

I also note that the exclusion is poorly phrased in that a penny farthing would appear to be acceptable as written.

I look forward to your removal of these discriminatory conditions.

Any bets on getting a meaningful response?

Tags: cycling

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