arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Oh the irony of it all...

Felt like putting some distance on the trike this afternoon, not much, just a ride around the eastern end of Lake Burley Griffin. When riding that stretch I pull away from the lake at Blundell's Cottage along what used to be a) my regular commute when working in Barton and b) the worst stretch of tarmac in Canberra.

It would appear that stretch got resurfaced whilst I was in NZ and the project was moving back to the West Block offices. 

So now its got a nice surface, and I won't be riding it on a regular basis. :)

Also my 1st issue of Velo Vision magazine arrived in the mail today with (among other things) a review of the Challenge XT concept trike. Drool....
Tags: cycling, trikes

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