arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Wireless Broadband

Well, I've finally broken down and ordered wireless broadband so I can have a decent internerd service at home and when I'm travelling. At ruinous expense of course but at least there's a 10 day cooling off period after the bits and pieces arrive.

The main driver for getting it at home is the fact that one of my housemates already has an ADSL connection that interferes with my dialup and vice versa. If I go wireless, he can leave his connected and I can connect whenever I want. 

Given that I travel fairly frequently, the other advantages of wireless in the laptop become obvious. :)

Now I just have to wait for bits to arrive. 

Oh, and for a nominal fee I can apparently convert my existing bigpond account to a mailbox account so I can keep the same email address running.


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