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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Mmmmm. Ethiopian food. 
14th-Apr-2007 12:23 pm
I've decided that I like Ethiopian food. A lot. 

Apart from anything else the range of foods caters to almost any dietary range between vegan and carnivore, as well as avoiding some obvious allergens such as nuts. So its great for groups and socialising. :)

Fortunately there are two good Ethiopian restaurants in Canberra, separated by a fairly good chinese restaurant, in the Dickson cafe/restaurant strip. 

Fekerte's Ethiopian Cuisine is the better of the two and a bunch of us (including shazgirl, lilysea, and fred_mouse, 5 all up) ate there last night. We shared 4 serves of the vegan platters, a couple of vegetarian entrees and a token meat dish that the three carnivores shared at one end of the table.

Great food, good company, its hard to think of a better way to spend a Friday evening. :)
19th-Apr-2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
It was indeed a great evening. Very glad to have caught up with you all with the opportunity to sit and talk, which happens so rarely when I see any of you!
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