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On the way home from SwanCon

Well,  I find myself festering in the Qantas Club lounge of Sydney airport. Again.

I'm on my way home from SwanCon at which I even went to a panel item or two.

Mostly it was about seeing old friends that I see all too rarely, and playing board games with them (something else that I do all too rarely these days). Oh, and buying stuff at the auction. It was all good. :)

Two new games bear mentioning - Wings of War  and On the Underground

The former is a tabletop game for WWI dogfights using simple mechanics and decks of cards to control movement. I was flying one of the German Triplanes and the deck of cards was inconveniently historically accurate in terms of the poor left turn. "Poor" as in "don't bother trying to turn left". OTOH the sharp right turn was really tight which was useful on a couple of occasions...

The latter is another of the ubiqitous "train games" that seem to regularly pop up in board games with a simple, well balanced, game mechanic. The core of it is the "lazy" passenger who is travelling to one or two destinations (depending on the face up cards) each turn who choose routes based on minimising the walking distance, and the need to change trains. Early on players can manipulate the passenger by building parts of the network, but as the network grows the scope for doing so drops away.
Both very enjoyable, I'd probably buy copies if I had a chance to play them on a regular basis...
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