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Day 20 - Photos - Invercargill to Curio Bay

Several photos today, including nice bird photos of species that I of course have no idea what they are. NZ natives though so that should add a challenge for the Oz-based ornithologists in the audience. :)

1st up a nice view from a bridge I was crossing on the way to Fortrose

Next some rolling, and very green, farmland. In many respects the best (or most refreshing) part of riding through the NZ countryside, particularly on the West Coast and in Otago, was all the greenery without signs of any irrigation being needed. Regular rain will do that for you I guess. :)

So there I was sitting on a deck chair eating a huge freshly made sandwich looking at this. Jealous yet? :)

A (small) part of the petrified forest close to Curio Bay, note the triangular cutting which is probably the result of vandalism. Possibly the removal of a fossilised fern for sale.

A view across the petrified forest to a headland

1st of the birdlife photos:

This next one is a type of shag I believe but beyond that I've got no idea...

Oooh, oooh! This one I know. Yellow-eyed penguin, native to NZ (and I think it might be the only type of penguin that only lives in NZ).

And last a couple of sunset shots, one looking across the bay where the petrified forest is located

And the last looking across Curio Bay

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