arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Home, and don't come Monday...

Well I'm back home and feeling much better after a good nights sleep.

One of the messages on my mobile was from my manager asking me to take Monday off because I won't have a desk again until Tuesday. Plans were afoot to move the project back to the main building before I left, obviously there's been a minor delay. 

This has been one of the best holidays I've ever had; I am so doing this again as soon as I can manage it!

Commentary on the day 18 & 19 photos can be found at Day 18 - Manapouri to Otautau and Day 19 - Otautau to Invercargill

Hopefully I'll process some more of the photos later today but I might have to do some domestic stuff like acquiring food 1st. And that may require reassembling the trike so I can get to the shops, etc...

Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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