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Day 17 - Photos - Te Anau to Manapouri & Doubtful Sound

Mostly of Doubtful Sound, I was too busy fanging it to take many during the brief ride.

This view of Lake Manapouri was taken as I was rolling into Manapouri

This nifty model was taken in the visitor centre on the far side of Lake Manapouri. The actual power plant is carved into solid rock so was a quite impressive piece of engineering IMO.

One of the 1st views I had of Doubtful Sound whilst coming through the Wilmot Pass

Here I've just gotten loose in the sea kayak, and the Navigator is still letting kayakers into the water.

Next one of the views whilst paddling up (or down, I wasn't sure of the direction) the Crooked Arm of the fjord.

Another image as I was closing on the Navigator prior to getting back on board

Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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