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Day 16 - Photos - Queenstown to Te Anau

Several good photos today.

First up a view of Lake Wakatipu as the sun was coming up,seen through a construction crane

Next is a good example of the views I had to put up with on the way to Kingston. Isn't life tough? :)

Next is looking back up the lake at Queenstown

And then when I reached Kingston I headed down to the train station to indulge myself a bit. So here are my two favourite rides for the day:

Another view, notice the people gathered round the trike near the ticket office. I got a lot of good reactions from this crowd. :)

Now this was just gratuitous but I like steam trains OK?

Some more pleasant riding, just before lunch

And a meandering river scene that I quite like

Finally,  a view of the Lake at Te Anau showing the range of water levels that the power station on Lake Manapouri operates within.

Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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