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Day 12 - Photos - Wanaka to Queenstown

The final cycling leg of the 1st part of the tour ended today, with rest days coming up before the run to Dunedin

1st up the scenery on departure from Wanaka in the morning

 I know that there are cat lovers reading this journal who will get a kick out of this picture from the Cardrona Hotel

The previous 11 bridges I'd crossed were the imaginatively named "Cardrona River #11", "Cardrona River #10", etc. Just as I was wondering what those creative bridge namers would come up with after "Cardrona River #1" I got this:

Johan and I on top of the Crown Range, the highest sealed road in NZ.

I think this is Speargrass Flat Road, it certainly wasn't the descent from the Crown Range (during which I had the camera packed away on the grounds of not being crazy :) )

And for a change of pace, imagine riding on a tree lined, dappled by shadows road on a beautiful sunny day...

At the very end of the day I had a horror climb to the hotel. OTOH I think that the view from my room made it worth the effort...

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