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Day 9 - Photos - Fox Glacier to Haast

Starting in the dark... 

1st up, yup its dark out there. 

The sun coming up made for some interesting scenery

The Trice XL I mentioned. Nice touring rig, apparently not fully waterproofed though. I like the squarish pannier in front for easy access to critical stuff (wallet, etc).

Its my journal and I'll drool if I want to! The Trice was a truly beautiful piece of work. :)


I took this photo on a long one lane bridge crossing the Haast River whilst I was in the first passing bay. Now, whilst you're boggling over the concept of a bridge with a passing bay, read the sign:

Punchline: I was heading in the direction that's required to give way and didn't need either bay (oncoming traffic didn't appear until I was at least halfway past the second bay.
Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours, trikes

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