arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Day 8 - Photos - Rest Day in Fox Glacier

I took a lot of photos but only 4 seemed to be worth the effort on initial edit. I'm sure I'll have my arm twisted into posting more later. :)

1st up is halfway through the hike up to the glacier. Notable things about this photo are 1. I didn't take it (well, duh!), 2. I'm not wearing cycling gear for the 1st time in a week*, and 3. I've stripped down to one upper body layer. Oh, there's also several thousand tonnes of ice in the background...

The next one shows the landscape created by the loss of horizontal velocity between the back and front of the glacier...the ice has to go somewhere, can't go down (rock), so it goes up. Its almost like tectonic plates in miniature and ice.

Me again and actually on the glacier this time. Note the appearance of two extra layers of clothing on the upper body, it was kinda cold up there. Which might justhave something to do with the several thousand tonnes of ice I'm standing on at the time. :)

The interesting thing that this picture shows is that the glacier isn't all ice, there's a fair bit of rock being carried along for the ride (and which I understand significantly contributes to the gouging effect of an advancing glacier)

*Not entirely true, the lycra longs were my best wet weather option but the general sentiment still holds. :)
Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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