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Day 7 - Photos - Franz Josef to Fox Glacier

Lots of photos today because the ride was fairly short and the scenery spectacular.

1st up some glacial runoff. 

Next one of the many hills of the morning

I chatted to this guy when I stopped for a snack. Nice chap. There but for the grace of not having a stall speed go I, and it shows just how hard the climbs were today.

These things are are cow crossings / runoff drains. Best crossed at about 20-30KPH. Worst when crossed at about 5-6KPH. Anyone care to guess how fast I had to cross this one?

The view from lunch. Oh its good to be me. :)

Riding back to the accommodation from lunch. See previous comment. :)

The next two photos are examples of the same species of tree. Honest! Its called Lancewood after the immature version (shown 1st) which evolved as a way of discouraging the now-extinct Moas from eating it. The mature version (shown 2nd) is the too-tall-for-the-Moas version. 


"Cliche: Another word for inevitable"* The "Landscape" setting on my camera has an image that shows a mountain reflected in a lake. Here's a photo taken at Lake Matheson that shows why:

Another photo from Lake Matheson, Johan on the left, Justin on the right.

*Quoted from John Ringo's hilarious Honorverse short story  "Let's Go To Prague".

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