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Day 6 - Port Fairy to Port Campbell

A good, if hot and draining day.

We had a tail wind, but it was a blistering hot day that made me really appreciate All Trails support crew - Phil, Susan, Peter, Janet, and Oppy.

You see, the support vehicles carry water. Lots and lots of water. Enough that I could rely on stopping and asking Janet to refill my hydration pack that I had drained in less than two hours. Thanks Janet! :D

It was also, thankfully, a relatively short day (only about 100Ks) that allowed me enough time to do the diversions and some sightseeing.

Riding down into Tower Hill Volcano was a blast (climbing out less so but proved that I can pretty much climb anything... eventually), and the scenery was great. Got some photos of a couple of emus as well. Didn't see any koalas though.

The run into Warnambool was fast and fun...until I ran into 6 red lights in a row. That slowed me down some. :)

The morning tea break was fun as some of the group tried out the trike, and I have some photos of that (I'll be posting photos of the trip later once I get home and process the photos onto the laptop, watch for more backdated entries).

Then the start of the Great Ocean Road proper with some of the famous sights. Wary of time again I didn't stop at them all (I might just have to do this trip again some time, wouldn't that be a shame? NOT! :D). I missed the Bay of Islands and a couple of other scenic lookouts but caught London Bridge and The Grotto. 

I arrived in Port Campbell just in time to catch a bus to a helicopter ride over the main sights of the Great Ocean Road, well worth doing and I'll probably do it again if I'm ever back that way. 

Overall I arrived exhausted (mostly due to heat I think) but satisfied with my performance. 

And then I met with my elder brother Tony and his family for dinner. Tony and I are both a bit freaked at the coincidence - both of us just happening to be on the Great Ocean Rode at the same time for the 1st time either of us as been there. Fun evening and I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

OK, now for the boring bit: the dreaded stats:

Distance: 675.26 (A touch over 100Ks)
Time:        34:57 (5 hours or so)
Average:   19.68KPH (down slightly, to be expected as I haven't been able to synch with groups to draft off them)
Max:           63.9KPH
Total:         5165
Tags: supported tours

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