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Day 21 - Curio Bay to Balclutha

Memo to self: "Only" 30Ks between breakfast and lunch is not necessarily cause for celebration...

At some stage I'll get round to photographing the altitude profiles for the rides but for the moment suffice it to say that the hills were back today and brought friends.

The views were magnificent, and I had plenty of time to appreciate them whilst climbing between the all too brief descents.

Just before lunch was the Florence Hill lookout (anytime "lookout" is mentioned in the ride guide should be treated as a warning) which was actually worth the climb even before the descent to Papatowai Beach for another picnic lunch. 

At this stage I elected to wuss out of the worst climb of the day and rode in the van with Pam to the top of Gibbs Hill before resuming the ride with the fun bits. :)

Eventually I came to the last significant climb of the day, struggled up it, and then continued on to Balclutha through progressively easier and faster terrain. That last hill was called Tunnel Hill because of the railway tunnel that runs underneath it, never a good sign. AleRail Trails are generally easy riding because of the limited gradients early trains could handle and here I was riding some distance above the former railway line...

In Balclutha we were all picked up and ferried to Dunedin thus avoiding the need to a) spend a night in Balclutha and b) Ride the main highway to Dunedin. Just as well, I was getting pretty tired by then.

One diversion along the way to Dunedin was the number of classic cars and hot rods (think ZZ Top music videos and you'll get the idea) coming the other way. Some of them were really neat!

The stats:

Tour Distance1271.3Distance Today88.09
Total Ride Time74:57Time Today5:36:05
Average Speed17.21Delta-0.11
Maximum Speed70.1Today57.6

The views of the fog hanging over Dunedin as we drove into town were magic.
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