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Day 20 - Invercargill to Curio Bay

Lets not do that before lunch too many times OK?

OK, it wasn't too bad today, more what Justin calls "undulations" but the hard part was doing the entire ride before lunch.

Fortunately we were breakfasting in our own time so I was away by 7:30 when it was still 5 degrees in Invercargill which took a lot of the pressure off me.

So I cruised along at a comfortable pace, enjoying the scenery, and about 30Ks out discovered that I'd made a bit of an oopsie: I'd forgotten to fill the hydration pack and ran out of water. With Johan not setting out till 9ish it would be awhile before Justin caught up so I kept going until Fortrose where I bought 1.5 Litres of spring water, and a glass of apple juice. 

I walked out to fill the pack...just as Justin rolled up to the cafe to park. Sigh. 

Oh well, on to Tokanui although with a mild headache that was slightly annoying. Another brief stop at Tokanui before heading on to the glorious Curio Bay for lunch.  Although at the end I was really struggling with even the little hills but I got there without riding in the van, and even made it back from the picnic spot to the accommodation where I downed a couple of panadol and napped for a few hours.

After that we headed out to view the (regrettably vandalised) petrified forest at low tide and saw a variety of bird life, including a couple of yellow-eyed penguins! 

Then up to the headland for more glorious views and (hopefully) some really nice sunset shots. 

And now the stats

Tour Distance1183.2Distance Today91.58
Total Time69:21Time Today5:18:16
Average Speed17.32Delta+0.02
Max Speed Tour70.1Max Speed Today56.2

Just loved the views in Curio Bay, and the prospect of sleeping with the sound of waves crashing to the nearby shore is really appealling right about now...

Tags: cycling, new zealand 2007, supported tours

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