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Day 17 - Te Anau to Manapouri & Doubtful Sound

We only had a short ride from Te Anau to Manapouri so I took the opportunity to ride hard. Very pleased with my time; covering just shy of 21Ks in under 50 minutes is very fast for me.

To paraphrase the Mike Oldfield Band: Sprinting, Sprinting, just hold that speedo true... :)

From Manapouri we caught a boat across Lake Manapouri to West Port (site of an interesting, and more eco-friendly than most, hydroelectric power station).

After that it was a bus trip across the Wilmot Pass into Fjordland to catch the Navigator for the overnight trip into Doubtful Sound.

I spent some time sea kayaking in the Crooked Arm of the Sound, discovering that weeks of pedalling does not prepare one for paddling.

Especially not pedalling in the recumbent position; its not the right posture for paddling and I was assuming it instinctively. Justin took some time to give me some advice but I'm not sure how well it stuck. Oh well, it was tiring but fun once and not a hobby I'm likely to take up on a regular basis.

Much beautiful scenery, scads of photos, and you may even see some one of these days.

The Navigator puts on excellent food, and lots of it.The beds are comfy and the boat doesn't even rock much when its at the overnight mooring. All in all, highly recommended.

And now the very minimal stats

 Tour Distance918.47 Distance Today 20.93 
Total Ride Time 55.40 Time Today 0:47:56 
Average Speed 16.75 Delta +0.14 
 Max Speed63.3 Today 41.3 
Odometer 8854   

Nice to have a chance to sprint on a tour like this.
Tags: cycling, new zealand 2007, supported tours

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