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Day 16 - Queenstown to Te Anau

It all started so well...

I got away early from the hotel for the ride to Frankton and then to Kingston. 

Beautiful scenery, feeling good and rested, sunny weather. Best of all, the mountains on either side of Lake Wakatipu were funnelling what should have been a headwind into either no wind or a tailwind.

So there I was, riding in the shade of one set of mountains looking across a lovely lake to the sunny lower slopes of the other set of mountains with their snow covered tops shaded by clouds to stop the snow melting. It just doesn't get much better than that. :)

I made the 50Ks to Kingston in really good time and then indulged myself in a short steam train ride on the Kingston Flyer to Fairlight. Ah, the decadence of it all. Sitting by a sunny window in a saloon car drinking tea, dunking ginger nut biscuits in the tea, and watching the scenery roll by. 

Justin leapfrogged me 20-30Ks to Athol and I then rode the 17 odd Ks to lunch at Five Rivers. Some hills, and the start of a headwind, but still pleasant riding. 

After lunch though... out of the mountains into farmland so no shelter from the raging westerly. And it only got worse as the afternoon wore on. At about 93Ks I called it quits and joined Rick & Pam (the couple who joined us for this leg of the tour) in the van. As I write this Johan is still out there and is doggedly determined to complete the full 176+ so applause to him. 

The stats:

Tour Distance897.54Today93.61
Total Ride Time54:52Ride Time Today5:41:48
Average Speed16.61DeltaNo Change
Max Speed Tour63.3TodayLess than that. :)

9000Ks is in sight! It won't be for a few days (short ride tomorrow, and I'm not sure about the day after) but certainly by the time we reach Dunedin. And I was on (just) less than 8000 when I arrived in NZ. :)

Tags: cycling, new zealand 2007, supported tours

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