arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Day 3 - Photos - Hamner Springs To Reefton

Only 4 photos today. 

First up some of the nice scenery I was riding through in the morning on the way to the horror of Lewis Pass

I think this pleasant scene was taken during the climb towards the pass

What you're seeing here isn't ground level cloud cover. Its smoke from a burning coal mine that the firefighters were never able to put out. Apparently the mine was buried but the fire is still burning years later...

And I just plain like this scene looking back over my shoulder along the river that runs into Reefton.

I'm getting fairly critical in my selections, I may have to have my arm twisted later to add more when other people can see the full set of photos on the laptop.
Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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