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Day 14 - Wheeeeee! aka "Rest Day"

Got up at mumble of the clock so I could catch the bus into town for the stuff I had booked for the morning.

Alas, the 8:15AM combo was underbooked so I had to shift it to the afternoon. Underbooked as in I was the only one. :(

So I wandered around Queenstown for a bit, including a walk around a peninsula that is parkland, very pretty.

Then I checked out the Kiwi and Birdlife conservation park which was quite nice and then had a round of indoor minigolf.

Lunch, and some internet time finished killing off the morning and I checked in for my ride on the Shotover Jet.


In case you missed that, Wheeeeee!

The Shotover Jet(boat) is fun. The 360 degree spins are really cool, and you get these neat rainbows from the water being kicked up. As for jetboating through a gorge, really close to the sides, I say again Wheeeeee!

After that I had a brief helicopter ride (more great views of Lake Wakatipu, gee life's hard) to the Skyline complex above Queenstown.

At which point I introduced myself to the fun that is lugeing. Yeeehaw! 

I was very restrained and didn't buy another ticket when my 5 rides were done. Partly that was because I didn't want to ride the chairlift again (hate those things).

Some more photos and then it was time to ride the gondola down to Queenstown. I'll head back to the hotel shortly and start getting ready for the next phase of the tour.
I might even get some more photos up but I'm not making any promises.
Tags: new zealand 2007, supported tours

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