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Day 2 - Photos - Christchurch to Hamner Springs

I may add to this later but here are is a sample of photos from Day 2 of the tour.

1st up is an image of the controlled intersections for that cyclepath in Christchurch. Note the middle row of lights for the amber warning light. Does that mean "go very, very, fast" for cyclists too?

OK, I'm in New Zealand, there are 40 million of the things so here is the inevitable (and quite possibly only) sheep photo.

Riding down this at 30+KPH, its good to be me. :)

Hidden in this spectacular view taken on the approach to Hamner Springs is a hint of just how much rainfall New Zealand gets in the winter. Note the size of the river in March. Now compare it to the size of the glacially carved river bed...

And here's an even better example taken from halfway up the last nasty hill of the day:

Click on each image for a slightly larger version, or ask me the next time you see me to see the originals. :)

Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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