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Day 1 - Photos - Riding Around The Christchurch Hills

So here are some photos from Day One of the tour - the introductory ride around the Christchurch hills.

1st up is the transport solution for the trike: strap it to the trailer.

The next couple of images came from the climb through the hills with a low cloud cover. The 1st is a house sighted on the far side of a valley with a cloud rolling over it, next is some cyclists riding out of the cloud while Brian and Johan ride into the cloud.

As we came around the hill side we caught our first views of the bay, remember that this is the caldera of an extinct volcano:

To avoid a couple of hills (always a good idea) we hit gravel for part of the way around the base of the bay. This image shows the view from the gravel path with Johan (as usual) in the lead.

The view from lunch. Gee it was tough having to live with a view like that whilst eating. NOT!

Finally, taken whilst on the climb to Sumner, the mouth of the bay.

Clicking on each image should lead to a (slightly) higher resolution version in my LJ galleries. If you want to see the original ask me to haul out the laptop the next time you see me. :)

Tags: new zealand 2007, photography, supported tours

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