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Weekly, well Fortnightly, Wordpress Wrap for 17/02/2013

angriest has recommended AKB0048, and now that it is on CrunchyRoll I may have to take a look at it. However this depends on my To Review pile being reduced from Leaning Tower of Pisa levels to something manageable. I did however manage to complete ef: a tale of melodies (spoiler free).

I've also started Thirty Days of Planetes with Outside the Atmosphere, Like a Dream, Return Trajectory, Part of the Job, Fly Me to the Moon, The Lunar Flying Squirrels (really!), and Sub vs Dub (the dub is excellent BTW) posted this week. I also wrote a side note on the useful surprises that Zemanta can throw up. These have detailed synopses and are, by definition, not spoiler free.

I just drafted the Day 13 post for A Modest Request which is still the master class in how to script infodump if you have to.
Tags: anime, reviews

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