arcadiagt5 (arcadiagt5) wrote,

Day 4 - Robe to Mt Gambier Pt 2

Yay! I did it! No pick ups today.

It was only barely, and only by doing it one checkpoint/stop at a time. On the final leg by saying "i've still got N ks in me" and saying it again when I got to that point.

But I did it in good conditions, and good time.


Distance: 491.26 (134.71 today)
Time: 25:07 (just short of 6 hours)
Average: 19.85 KPH (still getting faster)
Max: 63.9 KPH
Total: 4981

In a sense I'm having to make a choice between sight seeing and putting in the miles. To an extent I get to sight see just by rotating my head and looking, and I do just that. :)

However, the issue comes with side trips like the Woakwine Cutting, or additional explorations at the destination (Mt Gambier today).

And I simply haven't had time to do the side trips and still hit the deadlines for morning teas/lunches. And at the end of the day I've been too exhausted to do much more than stand in cold water for 10 minutes relaxing the muscles.

Still, I've been enjoying the company and the sights I have been seeing so no complaints.
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