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Day 6 - Hokitika to Franz Josef

Does the happy dance. Briefly. Then stops when my leg muscles scream in agony. But still grinning. :)

In the morning rode about 60Ks south from Hokitika. Nice ride, some good scenery and again I was finding a good rhythm. Justin (the new guide who joined us yesterday because Brian had other commitments) then picked me up and carried me forward 12Ks to Hari Hari for lunch. 

With 60Ks already on the clock I was feeling good about doing a metric century today and set out from Hari Hari with that in mind.

I really should pay more attention to the route notes. Mount Hercules is not a particularly inspring name when you're at the bottom of the thing. One long hard climb later and it was all worthwhile however. Oh boy was it worthwhile. I'm grinning again just thinking of it. :)

From there to Whataroa and Lake Wahapo was another 20 or so Ks of pleasant riding that rounded out the 100. By then it was 4:30 and Johan was already at Franz Josef so Justin picked me up and drove me the last 20Ks into town.

Some of the views in Franz Josef are just superb!

And now the stats:

Tour Distance492.29Distance Today103.21
Total Ride Time29:28Ride Time Today6:25:21
Average Speed16.93Delta-0.18
Tour Max Speed63.3Max Speed Today53.9

The bike shop mechanic did a good job of re-trueing the right wheel but I've been told that I should replace it when I get back to Australia. I had a nervous moment at the very beginning this morning when the right brake seemed to not be working, but pumping the handle a couple of times fixed it. I'm guessing the hydraulic fluid needed to move back into the right positions in the cable.
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