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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 09/12/2012

This week I began to correct the lack of Rocket Girls reviews (a shocking oversight on my part) with a review of the eponymous light novel, and the first sequel. Alas, a review of the anime may be some time in coming. 

I have received review copies of Toradora and Arakawa Under The Bridge Season 1 from the nice people at Hanabee, and I will be reviewing those first.  These discs will be auctioned off for charity (probably cancer research) at SwanCon.

I received a lovely postcard this week from leecetheartist and rdmasters' tour of the southwest.  This cheered me up quite a bit as I was sick for a chunk of last week (I sort of still am, but I'm trying to ignore that).

I've been lending The Vision of Escaflowne to one of the Pathfinder players one disc at a time. The anguished cliff hanger screams have been quite sweet. :)

A fair bit of boardgaming has also cut into my writing time, so I'm a couple of weeks behind on the Pathfinder writeups at the moment (and also missed a session anyway).

Finally I'll be flying to Perth on the 23rd.  And that's it for the week.
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