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Weekly, well Fortnightly, Wordpress Wrap for 02/12/2012

I was a bit distracted by several gaming sessions over the last fortnight, many thanks to vegetus and nevryn for organising at least one of those. Another distraction was the attention brought to my Bumper Sticker Feminism post by leaving a comment on a relevant Whatever post. Behold the Awesome Power of Whatever!

My first thoughts on Puella Magi Madoka Magica were to compare Kyubey to Mr Morden, my second thoughts are about the resonance to the Arthurian mythos. Both posts are mostly spoiler free.

I'm still watching Harem, er, Sword Art Online (although I'm not sure why), Say "I Love You" (cautiously optimistic), Girls Und Panzer (still fun), and Shin Sekai Yori (which may still end up on the watch once only list that Madoka Magica nearly ended up on).

Session 15 and Session 16 of the Pathfinder reports are up, my extensive notes for Session 17 are unlikely to be written up any time soon.
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