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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 16/09/2012 
16th-Sep-2012 05:31 pm
Open Road!
Tari Tari features some fabulous design work for a the High School that looks brand new, but is supposed to be old.  I found the disconnect to be somewhat jarring.

Wolf Children is currently screening as part of Madman's Reel Anime season.  Go see this film. You may want to see it twice.  Unfortunately I've been sick all weekend and haven't seen any of the others in the season, I hope to be fit enough for one of them tomorrow.

In the Pathfinder game the party went shopping, started setting up a guild, and went looking for work.

I'm suffering a degree of writers block with the Oh My Goddess! reviews right now.  There's an interesting and enjoyable story there, but Fujishima doesn't handle combat scenes well, and that's what I'm struggling with at the moment.  That's it for the week.
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