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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 02/09/2012

With transcendancing's help I finished the semi-ranty post on Bumper Sticker Feminism.  I'm still not entirely happy with it, but it will do for now as a statement of where I stand.

I also finished the anime blogger game post, and a long overdue instalment in the Twenty Days of Anime Movies series with a review of Junkers Come Here (1994).

Last week's session of the RPG involved talking to goblins, and whacking a pair of drakes.  I'd normally expect that to be the other way round, but it worked well enough.  Oh, and the party got paid for previous efforts.

And that's it for the week.

UPDATE: Just added a review (not a twenty days post) of Origin: Spirits of the Past. It scores a "meh" from me.
Tags: anime, musings, reviews

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