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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 26/08/2012

There are couple of things I'm trying to write at the moment but which are not ready for publication.   transcendancing has been helping me with one of them, and part of her advice is to walk away from it for a bit until I can look at it with fresh eyes.  It is a post in an area that I've been wanting to write about for almost a year but just haven't been finding the words.  Soon I hope.

The other is an anime blogger game where you answer five questions, then pose five more to five other bloggers.  This is a much simpler issue, but I'm trying to avoid recycling too many of the posts I've done before, particularly for the Thirty Days of Anime posts.

Tari Tari episode 8 had a good emotional, but not a rational, resolution to the body issue raised in the previous episode.  Points to PA Works for tackling this issue, especially in doing so in terms of a personal rather than romantic ambition, but they didn't quite pull it off.

The other item to report is the next Pathfinder session report in which the big(gish) bads were revealed.  And that's it for the week.
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