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Pirates of the Burley Griffin
A schedule bears the same relationship to reality as Astrology.
Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 05/08/2012 
5th-Aug-2012 01:21 pm
I saw The Avengers again on the flight across from Canberra on Thursday night.  The strength of the movie in such less than ideal viewing circumstances says a lot about the quality of the story.

The distraction of The Avengers meant that I only finished reviewing Oh My Goddess! Volume 22.  I'll update this post later if I review Volume 23 today (it's possible). I also posted my initial thoughts on the three current season shows I'm following on CrunchyRoll: Tari Tari, Kokoro Connect, and Sword Art Online (one of these shows is not like the others).

For amusement value I posted links to a couple of videos of live performances by Kalafina.

Finally to my great amusement, and no doubt that of anyone watching, I took part in the Perth Ace Race yesterday

There was some gaming last night, and I'll be at Cafe Myriade sometime this evening, so all in all it has been a pleasant weekend in Perth.
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