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Weekly Wordpress Wrap for 29/07/2012

This week I started getting back into roleplaying (yay!), and also picked up a new board game Sky Traders (not so yay, at least not with three players).

Anime wise I gave Sasemeki Koto away. Sasemeki Koto is a fairly tasteful, non-exploitative, Yuri but for some reason I hit the Eight Deadly Words and stopped.  In terms of currently screening anime (I gave in and subscribed to Crunchy Roll), the two I'm looking at are Tari Tari and Kokoro Connect, but I won't be posting reviews of those for a while.

I also looked at the 2008 Original Net Animation (ONA) Time of Eve.  I had mixed feelings about Time of Eve, it is an intelligent piece of work that I had difficulty connecting to emotionally.

dalekboy should be dropping in sometime this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to that.

EDIT: Speaking of dalekboy he is currently posting a great series on an animated Dr Who project that never quite came off.  I boosted the signal here, but the original is here.
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